Services for People Living with HIV/AIDS

800-882-AIDS (800-882-2437) or 802-863-7245
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Services for People with HIV/AIDSLiving with HIV is different now than it was in the early 1990s.

For many people, new treatments and aggressive therapies have substantially slowed the progression of HIV to AIDS. That doesn't mean living with HIV/AIDS is not a challenge, but it also doesn't have to be overwhelming.

In addition to Health Department programs, Vermont has an extensive network of AIDS services organizations and HIV-specific clinics for medical care around the state.

Early Intervention Program

If you just learned you are HIV positive, this program can help by paying for your initial doctor’s visits and for medical tests that will give you a baseline of information about your current health. Any physician throughout Vermont can charge the program for costs related to these tests, so you will not be faced with large medical bills while also deciding what actions to take in making treatment choices.

Tests include screenings for viral load, to help you determine what your best treatment options are. You can also be tested for Hepatitis and TB and be immunized to prevent the flu and pneumonia at the same time. If you are a woman, you may also request a Pap Test and a pregnancy test during your doctor visit

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Vermont Medication Assistance Program (VMAP)

The Vermont Medication Assistance Program provides financial assistance for the purchase of prescription medications to Vermonters living with HIV disease who meets certain income guidelines. If you are eligible, this program may help pay for your treatment drugs, insurance premiums, co-pays and/or deductibles.

Application Forms

When you apply for VMAP you are automatically enrolled in the Dental Care Assistance Program.

Medication Assistance Program Formulary
Protease inhibitors and FDA-approved antiretrovirals are included in the formulary (the list of allowable medications). New medications are added through an approval process in consultation with the VMAP Advisory Committee, which is made up of consumers and medical professionals.

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The HIV Dental Care Assistance Program (DCAP)

Three smiling women outdoors.The HIV Dental Care Assistance program provides free dental assessments and offers additional preventative care, including cleanings and basic restorative treatments such as fillings. As with the Early Intervention Program, any licensed practitioner in Vermont can access this fund on your behalf.

About Vermont's Medication Assistance and Dental Care Assistance Programs PDF

When you apply for VMAP you are automatically enrolled in the Dental Care Assistance Program.

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The HIV Insurance Continuation Assistance Program (ICAP)

This program is designed to pay the insurance premiums for eligible individuals who, because of HIV/AIDS-related illness, are unable to continue working or who have had to reduce their hours of employment and are at risk of losing their existing health insurance coverage.

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HIV/AIDS HRSA Part B Support Services

The Ryan White CARE Act

The federal Ryan White CARE Act provides coverage for health care and support services for people living with HIV disease. The program is named after Ryan White, an Indiana teenager who became an active public educator on HIV/AIDS after he contracted the syndrome. He died in 1990, the same year the legislation was passed.

To find out more about CARE Act programs in Vermont, call the HIV/AIDS Program at (802) 863-7245.

More information and resources

AIDS Service and Other Organizations Providing HIV/AIDS Services and Support

AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) and Comprehensive Care Clinics (CCC) are the main providers of support and services for people in Vermont Living with HIV/AIDS. Through Ryan White Title II funding, these agencies provide Medical Case Management, Mental Health, Treatment Adherence and Medical Nutrition Therapy. In most instances these services are accessed directly through the ASO and CCC, in other instances payments to third parties are made to other service providers. State funding is also awarded to the ASO's to provide Emergency Financial Assistance on a limited basis for such needs as rental assistance, fuel assistance, and food.

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Other Services

We offer free screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and voluntary partner notification if you want to anonymously inform a sex or needle-sharing partner that they have been exposed to HIV or other STDs.

The AIDS Program also oversees the state's anonymous testing systems, offering low-cost HIV counseling and testing at 15 sites around the state.

Our HIV Service Program staff is available to help you address concerns relating to your AIDS Service Organization (ASO) or other HIV service provider. We encourage you to talk about your concerns directly with your provider. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing so, or if you feel your concerns have not been adequately addressed, you may contact us for assistance.

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Vermont 2-1-1

Dial 2-1-1 in Vermont for human service information and referrals to government programs, community-based organizations, support groups, and other local resources.

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Call 802-863-7245 to apply for or learn more about any of these programs.

Services are free and confidential.

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