3-4-50 Vermont

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What is 3-4-50?

The first step to preventing chronic disease is understanding it. We created this resource to unite Vermont in that effort. This is 3-4-50. Together, we can find strength and knowledge in numbers.

3 Behaviors. 4 Diseases. 50% of Deaths in Vermont

3-4-50 simply expresses the toll of unhealthy behaviors on the lives of Vermonters

3-4-50 is a way to understand health consequences directly related to physical activity levels, diet and tobacco use.

3-4-50 shows the way to reduce chronic disease in our state, which kills more Vermonters than all other causes combined.

Vermonters are more likely to die from chronic diseases than all other causes of death combined.

The four chronic conditions highlighted in 3-4-50 account for the majority of these deaths. However, the same behaviors that can lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and lung disease can also worsen the other chronic diseases included here, like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and liver disease.

See the data brief breakdown of chronic disease in Vermont

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