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About Vermont's Town Health Officers

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About Vermont's Town Health Officers

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Town Health Officers are responsible for:

The Board of Health of a municipality is made up of the local health officer and the town selectboard (or city council). Some communities appoint an independant board. The duties and responsibilities of Vermont Boards of Health are established by state statute.

If you have a question or complaint about a town health officer, please contact the town selectboard or city council.

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For Town Health Officers

Health Office Hotline: 1-800-439-8550

Town Health Officer Manual PDF


Appointment of Health Officer
Health Order Examples
Rental Housing
Special Issues

Trainings and Presentations

The Department of Health features presentations for Vermont's Town Health Officers about significant public health issues. The presentation slides and any audio podcasts are available below.

Mobile Home Park Health and Safety [Aug 21, 2013]

When is Asbestos a Public Health Threat? [Aug 7, 2013]

Lead-based Paint [Jul 24, 2013]

Fire and Life Safety [Jul 10, 2013]

Indoor Air Quality [Oct 1, 2012]

Rental Housing [Oct 1, 2012]

Health Orders [Oct 1, 2012]

Duties of a Town Health Officer [Oct 1, 2012]

Dangerous Buildings [Sept 19, 2012]

Inspecting for Pests [Sept 5, 2012]

Mold in Rental Housing [Aug 8, 2012]

Healthy Recreational Waters & Blue-green Algae [Jul 18, 2012]

After the Flood: Private Well Disinfection & Testing [Jun 23, 2011]

Open Burning (and Incineration, too) [May 25, 2011]

Writing Defensible Health Orders [Nov 10, 2010]

Water & Wastewater [Sept 8, 2010]

Lyme Disease [Jul 21, 2010]

Drinking Water Safety in Vermont [Jun 16, 2010]

Asbestos & Lead Regulatory Program [May 12, 2010]

Animal Bites & Rabies [April 21, 2010]

Lead in Construction [Mar 17, 2010]

Residential Radon in Vermont [Jan 6, 2010]

Lead, Unsafe Work Practices, EMP's, & the THO [Dec 2, 2009]

Mold Growth in Buildings [Oct 21, 2009]

2009 H1N1 Influenza [Sept 9, 2009]

Fire Safety [Aug 19, 2009]

Town Health Officers [May 2009]

Town Health Office Newsletter

Town Health Officer Newsletter




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