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Linking Health and LearningVermont's unique coordination, collaboration, and integration at the statewide and local levels is on ongoing process to improve the health outcomes of our state's school-aged children.

In addition to the school health resources you will find throughout this Web site, providers of school health services can visit our Clinical, Preventive, and Wellness Resources for information about Coordinated School Health.

Coordination, Collaboration, and Integration

Vermont state departments and agencies work closely with the leadership of the Vermont Principals' Association, School Boards, and Superintendents Association, as well as the Vermont State School Nurses' Association, the Vermont Chapters of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Family Physicians, Area Health Education Center, and the Vermont Child Health Improvement Program.

To maximize the learning potential and the wellbeing of all children in Vermont, access to both health insurance and health care is critical. Assuring all children have access to a medical and dental home, as defined by the American Academy of Pediatrics, is a fundamental aspect of our work. Utilizing its recommendations and the Maternal and Child Health Bureau's "Bright Futures" is a primary building block for assuring the wellness of all of Vermont's children.

Coordinated School Health

The CDC Coordinated School Health model, and use of the its School Health Index (SHI), are important parts in the foundation we have achieved with our partners listed above. The Index is a tool that schools are able to use for doing self-assessments of the programs, services, environment, and the health status of children in their schools.

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For questions about statewide programs or policies administered at the local level, contact the Health Department District Office near you.

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