VT ATOD Resources

VADIC Clearinghouse

The Vermont Department of Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Programs (ADAP) has welcomed its past opportunities to serve Vermonters with materials from the Vermont Alcohol and Drug Information Clearinghouse (VADIC).

While the mission of the clearinghouse - to provide communities with available information and resources for the prevention and/or treatment of alcohol and other drug issues - will remain the same, the actual operation of the VADIC has been transferred to a new provider.

You can reach the VADIC Clearinghouse by going to http://www.vadic.org/.

Local VDH-ADAP Prevention Consultants will continue to have a limited number of alcohol and other drug materials and information available in each local VDH district office for the district office staff, their clients and the local community.

ADAP encourages to link to the information resources below. This list includes national vendors of pamphlets, posters, books, curricula, and content-specific information.

Office of National Drug Control Policy

Prepared by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, the National Drug Control Strategy establishes goals for reducing drug use and its consequences through a balanced policy of prevention, treatment, enforcement, and international cooperation. The Strategy was developed after a nine-month listening tour with police and medical professionals, drug treatment providers and people in recovery, elected officials, corrections professionals, academics, parents groups, faith leaders, and others.

Because nearly all Americans are impacted by the effects of drug use, the National Drug Control Strategy is designed to be particularly relevant at the local level. Whether you are a parent trying to find information on drug prevention, a community member interested in treatment resources and innovative approaches to drug issues, a police officer or local elected official searching for new approaches to drug-related crimes, or someone who wants to know more details about the Administration's drug policy, the National Drug Control Strategy and the Office of National Drug Control Policy website, WhiteHouseDrugPolicy.gov, will serve as useful resources.

To learn more about the 2011 Strategy, visit the website or watch the video message.

A Parent’s Guide to the Teen Brain

"A Parent’s Guide to the Teen Brain" - is a science-based online resource from the Partnership for Drug-Free America, for parents hoping to answer the question “who is this kid?” The site offers an understanding of the teenage brain, and offers tips and tools for communicating with teens and helping them to make good choices for themselves.

Other Resources